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Our mission is to create lives of meaning.

Life Centered Financial Planning

Life Centered Financial Planning is living the best life possible with the wealth you have.  It is using money as a tool instead of making money the goal.  Learn More

 Money is a very complex emotional part of life. Our society sends very mixed messages to its importance and we get very extreme messages. On one side, money is everything and will solve all our problems and on the other extreme, it is the root of all evil. With such conflicting messages, it is easy to see why most of us are torn and confused.

 At Harford Financial Group, we believe in life centered financial planning. What is life centered financial planning?

  1. Simply stated, life centered financial planning is living the best life possible with the money and the time you have.
  2. One of the most important questions is, Am I managing my money in a way that is improving my life? Do my financial decisions align with my values and what is most important to me?
  3. We believe that money in and of itself is not the goal. Rather money is just a tool to get you to where you want to go.
  4. It is more important to have a return on life (ROL) than a return on investment (ROI).

In our experience, what we find is most important to our clients are the things that bring the most meaning and purpose to their lives which include their family, friends, faith, work, and passions. The top reasons for having money we find are: (1) being able to provide for family (2) getting good medical attention when sick (3) staying healthy (4) being able to help family (5) being able to have and enjoy more free time (6) able to contribute to worthy causes and (7) being able to have fulfilling experiences such as travel.

The way we like to describe it is life centered planning is like the solar system. Your life and what is important to you is the sun and your money is like a planet that rotates around it not vice versa.

Our Approach

In the past working with an investment professional could be intimidating. Welcome to a different approach at Harford Financial Group! We know you are busy and need to find someone you trust to help you discover your goals and manage your assets. We utilize a simple plan titled, “The Bucket Plan.”

Through a Discovery process we find out more about you and what your priorities and objectives are now and in the future. We Design a customized plan for you. This plan will help you organize your financial life, assess your cash flow and help you understand your net worth. We will Deliver this plan to you by allocating your assets into one of three buckets – Now, Soon or Later. We are Dedicated to you and will be there to help guide you to meet your future goals.

Clients We Best Serve

The clients we best serve have reached a level of achievement and have embarked on or have started to imagine their retirement. They are grateful and grounded people rooted in their values and families and are open to new possibilities. They value insight and expertise and seek both in those they trust. They are looking for an ongoing and lasting relationship with a Financial Professional to help them achieve their goals and be good stewards of their wealth. In a Financial Professional they want someone who will understand the complexities and details of their personal situation and provide advice that is aligned not only with their needs but how they want to live their life and feel both now and in the future. Most of our clients are capable of handling the aspects of wealth management themselves but do not have the time or desire to do so and see the value in working with a professional. Someone to help them and their loved ones navigate through the complexities and ever-changing landscape.

Specific demographics we serve include public sector employees including educators, firefighters and police officers, federal employees, and Verizon retirees.

What Makes us Different

How do you choose a person or financial planner or a firm to trust help you manage your financial life? There are a lot of choices and how do I find the right fit. Just like choosing other service professionals in our life like a primary care physician, dentist, accountant, etc., it really is about finding the right fit for you and your family.

At Harford Financial Group, we recognize that we are not a good fit for everyone and that is okay. We are really focused on working with clients where it is a win-win relationship. At the end of the movie Casablanca, Humphey Bogart says, “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.” We want those types of relationships with our clients that is built on mutual trust, teamwork, respect, and commitment for a long-term relationship. Yes, this is a business but the relationships we have with our best long-standing clients is so much more. We love being a part of their team and revel in their successes and major life events like promotions, marriages, births, graduations, moves, and retirement but also being there during the pain of the losses in life. Clients that choose us want the following:

  1. Competence and Capability – At the heart, a business has to deliver and have competence and capability. That is why our team has education, experience, and certifications to provide holistic and comprehensive financial planning. Clients want their professionals to be knowledgeable on virtually everything related to their financial life not just investment products. This includes tax management, debt and cash flow management, understanding all the insurances one needs, retirement income planning, estate planning, charitable giving and planning, and be able to answer other questions around real estate, selling businesses, refinancing, and so much more.
  2. Value life centered planning and financial planning over the pushing of products – Our clients appreciate that we put their lives at the center and understand money is merely a tool to living life. Money is not the goal. Additionally, we believe that the key is the holistic financial planning not the pushing of investment and insurance products. We believe in inner wealth which places money in the proper perspective
  3. Culture and commitment to customer service – It is so frustrating as a customer to be put in phone tree or cyber hell, we have a culture that is built on serving and giving. Our team has commitment to making things seamless. Trying to figure out 12 page applications. Our clients want us to save them time and give them convenience. Our team tries to provide this.
  4. Want a Team – We respect the intelligence and capability of our clients. Our best clients could manage their financial affairs on their own. However, our best clients really want to focus on other things in their lives like family, faith, career, goals, and aspirations. They value professional advice and having a team to support them. One of the focuses we have at Harford Financial Group is building what is called an Ensemble Team. We feel it is important to have a robust team behind you. No one person can do or have expertise on everything. Also, it is important to have back-up. What happens to me if something happens to my advisor? It is crucial to have whole team. Just like one’s primary care physician or dentist, we have a relationship with that one professional. However, there is a robust team to support them.