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HFG Business Continuity Game Plan - We Have the Ability to Conduct

March 23, 2020

Obviously, the Coronavirus is top news with many organizations cancelling activities and closing for a finite period of time. We are currently open but we are monitoring the situation and plan to stay abreast of public health recommendations.

In light of the recent news. we want to reach out and let you know that your health and wellness as well as our team is our top priority. Here are some of the things we are proactively doing:

1. We have increased the cleaning efforts in the office and wipe down all of the conference rooms once a day, as well as, the bathrooms. 

2. The virus seems more serious for people with underlying health issues or if they are over the age of 60. We have a significant amount of clients who are in this range especially since we focus on retirement income. We want to make you aware of the options we have to communicate with you. Although, there are so many advantages to face to face meetings and for many of you that is the only way in which you have worked with us, we have more options because of technology. We have clients in over 30 states so put other technological solutions in place. Also, we have some clients who live locally who are so busy that they do not have time for face to face meetings.

o We can do traditional phone calls to regular land lines or cell phones. We can email or mail you reports ahead of time to discuss.

o We can do virtual meetings using computer technology. We use a software called GoToMeeting. This has audio and video capability if your computer has a microphone or camera. We like this solution a lot because clients can see our computer screen and we can show multiple reports, our financial planning software, aids that we use to communicate, websites, etc. It has a lot of advantages like a face to face.

o We find that some clients when we do virtual meetings may use a hybrid approach where they see a computer but we may talk together on a phone.

o We also know that some clients want to see us and for us to see them and others do not. We can essentially modify to communicate in whatever way you would want. Although, we have not perfected holograms or teleporting yet so don’t beam me up Scotty (you have to be a certain age to get that one)! 

o If you are more familiar with other software like Zoom or others, we feel we can adapt to various technological solutions.

3. We have a plan in place for our staff to work remotely if that is necessary. 

4. We totally understand that a byproduct of the Coronavirus is the effect on the markets. We are monitoring the situation closely and are available if you need to talk or make changes. Additionally, there are normal things you may need so we are making every effort to stay open to continue to do this. We have continuity plans in place for personnel to be able to continue this but we hope you understand that there may be contingencies where we may have to think through a workaround.

Communication is the key. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions. Let Stephanie know if you want phone meeting or virtual meeting.