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HFG Video - How We Work with Clients - Our Specialty Retirement Income Planning

HFG Video - How We Work with Clients - Our Specialty Retirement Income Planning

August 18, 2020


Often times when a person starts working with a company, they do it for a specific reason and or they need help to serve a specific problem. Additionally, just as we as people are constantly changing and evolving, so do organizations. We are so incredibly proud of our 40 year history and the wonderful legacy our firm has. We have focused on solving a variety of problems for our clients particularly around finance. How do I educate my kids? How do I manage debt and cash flow? How do I make sense of investing? How do I make sure if something happens to me, my loved ones are taken care of and money goes to the right places? Our mission is to help people live their best life and we do this through service and value of helping people answer these types of questions.

 As our industry has changed over the 40 year time period, firms have had to take a look at themselves and ask how do we provide value? What is it that people value in what we do? What we have found is that first and foremost our clients want a relationship with people and a firm they can trust. We also found that our clients want a relationship with someone who collaborates with them to create a long-term plan. In that long-term plan is the idea that someday, I will no longer get money exclusively from working but hopefully I will have income that comes in without me having to work. This is called passive income and often times it is associated with retirement or being financially independent. We have seen this is one of the biggest challenges that our clients want to solve and as a result we have followed what our clients value and specialize in retirement income planning. If you boil down retirement to its simplest element, it is trading income for time. Most folks do not make as much in retirement as they do when they working. Hopefully, they do not have to do so because ideally going into retirement we have little to no debt and our children are raised, educated, and hopefully financially independent (we jokingly call this getting them off the family payroll). We help clients integrate all the potential sources of income in retirement such as Social Security, pensions, income from rentals, and income off our portfolio. As a result, it has forced us to develop expertise in these areas along with understanding one of the biggest expenses in retirement, health care which includes Medicare, employee health insurance, and long-term care expenses and planning.

The following video is our 5th video that describes how we work with clients and explains this specialization. We are working on more and more tools that allow us to do this along with some of the life centered planning tools that we have talked about in other videos and communication. Carpe Diem!