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Holistic, Life-centered Financial Planning is Achieved through Inner Wealth

August 08, 2023

It seems as we age, we begin to have more and more ailments. I was recently chatting with a family member about some health challenges that she is having. We reflected on her battle in the early 2000s with Lyme disease and how twenty years later her health challenge may be different, but we still feel the same way – wishing that there was a medical professional that would look at her full medical story and connect the pieces of this health care puzzle.  It is difficult when different specialists are focused on their one area of practice, telling you different things, or not speaking to one another yet they are all treating the same individual. 

While I do not have an answer or wisdom in the health care arena, I do have some answers when it comes to your financial life.  At Harford Financial Group, we are committed to looking at all the different puzzle pieces of your financial life – retirement income and cash flows, investments, protection/insurance, taxes, and estate planning. These puzzle pieces are the pillars of financial planning. Each member of our advisory team either holds or is on track to achieve the CFP® designation.  The CFP® coursework covers each of the 5 pillars as well as Principals of Financial Planning and Psychology of Financial Planning. This designation helps our advisors excel in the area of holistic financial planning.

However, it is not enough to be focused on the 5 pillars of holistic financial planning – we have to also consider you.  What are your hopes, your dreams, what do you want to do, what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to spend your time, what is the legacy you want to leave?  This is why we also focus on life-centered financial planning. Your life, your goals, who and what are important to you need to be the center of our focus.  This is evident in our visual describing the Holistic Planning Process.

By focusing on inner wealth, we use money as a tool to help achieve what matters most to you and to make your goals a reality.  Inner wealth is the practice of balancing the wealth you have with the life you want.  We guide and make recommendations that align not only with your needs, but with how you want to live and how you want to feel both now and in the future. You determine your trajectory and we help you align your financial realities with that journey.

I have seen the positive impacts of accomplishing holistic, life-centered financial planning through the continuous pursuit of inner wealth. Financial planning that takes into consideration all of the aspects of your life and finances to help increase the feeling of comfort and confidence. This is so important to us at Harford Financial Group.  Our mission is to create lives of meaning. We believe the best way to miss out on life is to worry about money.  By achieving holistic, life-centered financial planning through inner wealth we feel this will help you worry less and create a life of meaning.