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Medicare and COVID-19-Related Health Care Costs

August 27, 2020

One of the biggest concerns that virtually all of us have is having adequate health insurance coverage. This is true under normal times and it seems that only is heightened as Covid-19 has occurred.

In our relationship with you as our client, we believe a core part of our relationship and value we provide to you is keeping you informed and providing ongoing education of things you may not know or may want greater clarification. As many of us make the transition from employer sponsored health insurance during our working years to Medicare as we retire and turn 65, we want to know what are the things that are covered and what is not covered. The following article is a really good explanation of not only what Medicare covers but specifically talks about things related to Covid-19. Whether you are on traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage, the article written by Elaine Floyd gives great information. Elaine works for an organization called Horsesmouth that does the research and puts the material for our seminars and webinars and the material we use to stay on top of the subject. She is an expert in both Social Security and Medicare and we rely on her information significantly as we try to provide that expertise to you.

Internally, we have developed a resource that is available to you through Diane Kurek. We had tried to create a referral relationship with a professional who could help answer questions on Medicare and help our clients transition to Medicare and in some cases make decisions with respect to Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug plans. If you have questions, you can reach Diane at or 410-838-2992.

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