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The Things That Are Important To Us

June 02, 2020

Relationships, Purpose, Service, Value, Teamwork, and Professionalism – The Things That Are Important to Us

Hello everyone!!! Throughout my life I had always heard people talk about values and their importance but being young I am not sure it resonated as a young adult. When I heard people talk about it, mentally I would say, “Yeah! Yeah!” It finally took hold when I was certifying to teach Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Training for Managers class. My instructor had us go through an exercise where came up with three to six values. We did this for about an hour and then he threw a wrinkle in it. He said, “What are your values and what do you truly live? Don’t say, you value your family when you spend an hour a week with them?” For the next several months, I kept asking that question in my head, “What are my values and what do I truly live?” I was in another career and doing a lot of traveling at the time. I would be on airplanes thinking about this.

Then, one night I went to a U2 concert, and Bono their lead singer said with so much earnestness, “Thank you for giving us such a wonderful life.” It was like a bolt of lightning for me. Gratitude. That is a value I truly live. After the tough times I experienced as a kid, I am so grateful for all the blessings I have had. We all have had tough times but we can always look around and see folks whose challenges are so much more than our own. I also ended up adding personal honesty where I value being honest with myself and not kidding myself as well as personal growth and growth mindset.

Several years ago, as our leadership team was transitioning, we took an inventory of our values and thought of the values in our history that have allowed us to be where we are and also thinking in the future of the values we need to have to excel in the future. We wanted to share with you these values in a video we made earlier this year. We believe these values help us achieve our mission of helping people live their best life whether it be our team, our clients, our partners, and our community. Please enjoy!!!