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Townhall Meeting on State of Markets and Economy with Morgan Smith, CFA, Horizon Investments

June 03, 2020

I thoroughly enjoy what I do for a living. Being in the wealth management and investment management field is so rewarding. We get to help people like you live your best lives and combine our talents and passions. One of the biggest challenges though is that the economy and financial markets are inherently unpredictable in the short term and trying to determine what will happen can be very humbling. The market often zigs when you think it will zag. As a result, we approach it with a lot of humility. Also, even though the unpredictability exists, it still does not invalidate the need to plan and constantly stay on top of what is taking place.

We find that many of you work with us because you want someone to be awake at the wheel looking at things so that you can concentrate what is important to you whether it be your family, career, volunteering, hobbies, or all of the above. What we find with our clients is that they want someone looking and monitoring things but they do value being educated and having frequent communication. They don’t necessarily feel they want to be the experts but they want to constantly grow in their understanding. That is why education and training is crucial. My previous career I was a training and project manager for the Army’s Chemical Weapons Program for 13 years and my company provided adult technical education. Plus, two of my aunts were school teachers, one in Baltimore County and other in inner city Dallas. Finally, my grandmother did education professionally for the Girl Scouts. Education and training is in my blood.

In that vein, we have transitioned to webinars due to Covid-19 and we are recording them. Many of our clients prior to this who could not attend our in-house seminars had asked us to record them and do on-demand training since we all live in the Netflix, Amazon, HBO age. The attached video is the townhall meeting we did recently on state of markets and economy with Morgan Smith, Chartered Financial Analyst with Horizon Investment. The CFA is one of the most prestigious designations in the investment management industry. It takes three years and three distinct tests to get the full designation. Morgan works very closely with our Investment Committee to provide us insights that really enhance the research our own team does. Please enjoy and if you have specific questions, please contact me at or you can talk directly to your representative.