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What Market Corrections Mean to You

March 23, 2020

Hello everyone! We hope that you are okay and healthy.

As we discussed in one of last weeks emails we are drawing from a lot of different sources. As you read these messages, some of them may seem repetitive. We recognize that everyone communicates in different ways. We want to send out multiple types of messages because we never know what message will stick out for each person. Everyone may get something different.

One key thing on this one is that this is 27th market correction since World War II. One thing that we always communicate as fiduciaries is that we are here to provide guidance and long-term perspective. However, at the end of the day and it is always your money and you have the autonomy to make your own decisions.

The analogy I often give is that we are like a professional caddie in golf. The caddies are extremely knowledgeable and know every inch of a golf course, weather conditions, and the capability of the professional golfer. They are a partner and give advice. But in the end, the golfer is in charge. We never forget that.

We hope you find this insightful.